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MOU Professors doctorate thesis awarded top prize at International Research festival of Sheikh Toosi 2015

Al-Mustafa Open University is very pleased to announce that Doctorate thesis of Dr. Yahya Doukhi, Professor of Al-Mustafa Open University at Academic Department of Quranic Teachings, awarded top prize at International Research festival of Sheikh Toosi 2015.

Thesis Summary

Thesis is: (theory of classification the experts of verification), This subject is about very important thing, a division of scientists of verification of the Sunni into three: extremist, indulgent and balanced scholars, and the impact of that on the Hadeeth legacy in general, particularly in Hadeeths of Ahl alـBayt virtues.

The research has been divided to: an introduction and five chapters:

the introduction came to clear details of thesis: original question , the research hypotheses , necessity , importance and research method etc.

The first chapter: in general subjects related to this thesis, included important researches, for example: verification in the language and in terminology, and the history of the verification science , its growth, and Asnad in language , terminology and its importance، especially the Hadeeth crossed in much of time stages , such interruption Hadeeth and did not write for a long time. also included this research: clarification of morality and conditions of injurious to who says the Hadeeth, , also conditions of who sees the justice of the Muhaddeth etc.

chapter II: (Origin and the configuration of this theory) In

We discussed six research: the concept of extremism , indulgence and balanced in language and terminology, and the historical roots of the receipt of these terms at scientists of this art from former and the later, and we focused on discoverer of this theory, and we do statement the layers the critics and who classified them in this three division, and also we mentioned the words of experts of verification which directed to these critics, and also I mentioned standards this theory.

Chapter III: causes and origins of the emergence of this theory; has contained this chapter: three essential research: referring to the reasons public, and causes , after that, study some models of Muhaddetheen who were accused of indulgent, such as: Tirmidhi ,Alnesaee, Daaraqutni, alhakem Alnisabure and others.

Chapter IV: A Critical Study of the inventor of the theory; included three research. Including A study on the theoretical level, and a critical study on the practical level.

Chapter IIV : An applied study of reflection and impact of this theory on the heritage Hadith in general particularly in Hadeeths of Ahl alـBayt virtues which came in books Sunnis.



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