Faculty of Philosophy and Theology




Head of Faculty: Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimeen Dr. Ali Fiqhi




Beliefs are without a doubt every religions foundation; religion’s advice, orders and prohibitions are made solid by its foundation. The stronger the foundation the more assistance it will provide in ones path to perfection.

Corruption in belief builds the grounds for moral, social, political and cultural decay. In order to clear and avoid these, one must begin with re-building their thoughts and beliefs.  

On this basis, if correct understanding of humans, beginning and end of existence, leaders and etc. is accompanied by firm faith it will result in surrender to God’s orders, which has reached the us through the messengers of God.

In order to achieve this important and worthy goal, the Open University’s faculty of Philosophy and Theology (Kalam) has been formed.


1.    Meeting the needs of students and their thoughts
2.    Training capable individuals in the field of philosophy and theology (kalam)
3.    Attempting to strengthen faith


1.    Oriented research
2.    No religious fanaticism in expressing opinions
3.    Raising an analytical spirit
4.    Up to date course content in accordance to students’ needs
5.    Consulting with educational institutes to localize programs

Faculty’s members:

-       Hujjatul Islam Sa’id Arjomand Far;

-       Salih Waeli;

-       Dr. Sayyid Ibrahim al-Musawi


Specialist executive: Baha al-Din Shari’ati