Faculty of Persian Language and Literature



Head of Faculty: Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Ali Mohseni





Language is the key method in communication between people. Learning a new language opens doors to reflection and interaction and creates unity among nations. Language and literature mirrors every nation’s knowledge and character, though the literary history of a country i.e. the existence of poets, writers and celebrities portrays the richness and breadth of its language and literature.
The Persian faculty promotes and teaches the Persian language to those interested from various countries.



1.    Teaching Islamic studies to generally promote the Islamic culture

2.    Familiarizing students with Persian (speaking, listening, writing and comprehending)

3.    Familiarizing students with religious phrases and vocabulary in Persian

4.    Presenting


1.    Spreading the Persian language abroad via the net and graduates of Al-Mustafa Open university

2.    Diversity in spreading and promoting Islam in Persian

3.    Close ties with Persian-language schools in Iran and abroad

4.    Teaching Persian without using a mediatory language

5.    Benefitting from Al-Mustafa’s graduates in achieving faculty’s goals


Some activities: