Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law



Head of Faculty: Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Dr. Ameer Ameeni




The faculty of Jurisprudence & Law is the first faculty of Al-Mustafa Open University, which was established in 2008.


The faculty, in line with its vision, attempts to take advantage of the capacities, experiences and programs of Al-Mustafa University and other educational and research centers in Iran, in addition to jurisprudential centers abroad.


- Expanding and developing the field of Islamic jurisprudence and law in widely spoken languages on cyberspace
- Increasing graduates knowledge in the context of appropriate research programs
- Training professors and preachers in Islamic jurisprudence and law


- Attention to the characteristics of jurisprudential studies and its capacities in relevant courses

- Consultancy with educational centers abroad for program customization

- Prioritizing courses according to international requirements

- Attention to Qur’an and research trends in various disciplines

- Playing a complementary role for courses at Al-Mustafa University

Faculty members:

Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Ahmad Ahmadi
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Sheikh Sadiq Akhavan
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Mohammad Amini
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Dr. Tahseen al-Badri
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Dr. Sayyid Hassan Emamiyan

Faculty’s scientific advisors:

Ayato Allah Sheikh Ahmad al-Bahadoli (Iraq)
Ayato Allah Sheikh Mohsen Araki
Ayato Allah Sheikh Mahmoud Daryab Najafi
Ayato Allah Sheikh Mohammad Ali Ansari
Ayato Allah Sheikh Hussain Kourani (Lebanon)
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Sayyid Abd Allah Fadhl Allah (Lebanon)
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Sheikh Adnan Tanha
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Sheikh Hassan al-Hadi (Lebanon)
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Dr. Nabeel Halbawi (Syria)
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Sayyid Abd Allah Nidham (Syria)
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Sheikh Salah al-As (Lebanon)
Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Dr. Sayyid Abd al-Kareem Haydari (Iraq)
Dr. Sayyid Hussain Ibrahim (Lebanon)
Dr. Sayyid Hashim Shobbar (London)

Academic courses

Presented courses:

MA Islamic Jurisprudence in Persian

Developing and presenting Islamic jurisprudence in Persian at MA level in 140 units is one the faculty’s achievement. One the most significant characteristics of this program is the attention it pays to the Islamic aspect and the advancement of its jurisprudential level.

MA Islamic Jurisprudence in Arabic

Due to the special circumstances of international education and the religious and ethnic diversity of the Arabs the Islamic jurisprudence in Persian was later changed and altered to meet the requirements of our Arab speaking audience. 


Under development courses:

-          MA Islamic Jurisprudence with emphasis on family law, in Persian and Arabic

-          PhD Islamic Jurisprudence with emphasis on family law, in Persian and Arabic

-          MA Political Jurisprudence

-          Practical jurisprudential and legal researches in English


Under construction courses:

-          MA Jurisprudence with emphasis on economy

-          MA Jurisprudence with emphasis on ethics

-          PhD Comparative jurisprudence

-          PhD Political jurisprudence