Faculty of Islamic Ethics



Head of Faculty: Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslemin Dr. Hadi Kamal Izzat




The faculty began its activities in 2006. In years 2006 and 2007 Imam Khomeini College attracted two rounds of students in the field of Islamic Ethics. Since Imam Khomeini College changed its name to Al-Mustafa Open University, up until the year 2012 it also attracted another 4 round of students in Philosophy of Ethics. This means over the period of 6 years, 6 series of Iranian and non-Iranians applied in Islamic Ethics and Philosophy of Ethics at MA level, of which more than 250 were accepted.
Please note: All courses are distance based and presented online or a combination of both.


1-    Familiarizing students with the basic principles and teachings of anthropology, Psychology, ontology, Islamic spiritual and moral educations  

2-    Acquainting students with the intellectual/philosophical foundations, i.e. ethical teachings in the field of meta-ethics and normative ethics while emphasizing the Islamic approach and discussing the most important views about these two areas

3-    Acquainting students with morality and immorality and the basics of Islamic ethics in the Qur’an, behaviors of the infallibles (PBUT) and the scientific heritage of Muslim moral thought   

4-    Acquainting students with key ethical challenges in the modern contemporary world in branches of applied ethics


Academic courses

Presented courses:

- MA Ethics in Persian
- MA Ethics in English
- MA Applied Ethics in Persian


Under construction courses:

- MA Ethics in Arabic
- PhD Ethics in Persian, Arabic and English